Globatech Australia

Globatech Australia was incorporated in 2006 to develop environmentally friendly technologies. It was decided early on, with the legislation on marine biofouling coatings and restrictions on paint contents including copper and TBT acticides and biocides, to focus on the emerging technology of Ultrasonic algae prevention. Often called Marine Growth Prevention Systems or MGPS for short. This technology sector was in it’s infancy and while it showed much potential there was a miss mash of available products that fell well short of the technological advancement required for a serious solution.

After years of development Globatech Australia released the CleanABoat MK1 system which was welcomed into the market and quickly became a recognised solution with many vessels still using the original MK1 systems so many years on! Globatech then followed this release with the CleanABoat MK2 and MK3 systems all advancing the technology ever further. The CleanAHull Ultrasonic Antifouling System is the current consumer market product available from Globatech Australia which is also the current industry leader with the most features and most advanced and powerful solution available.

The HullSonic was launched recently in late 2015 as the most affordable Ultrasonic Antifouling solution available from Globatech Australia, utilising the same advanced digital micro controlled transducer drive system and taking advantage of all of the years of development the HullSonic is set to shake up the market and bring a level of quality never before seen in the lower price bracket for Ultrasonic Protection Systems.


For as long as there has been mariners there has been marine growth problems. The growth of marine fouling causes many issues from reduced performance to increased fuel consumption. Typically the only way to prevent this is through the use of advanced anti foul coatings, however these coatings also have their limitations and often fail to provide the protection required. The HullSonic™ utilises advanced digital ultrasonics to generate regions of high and low pressure around the vicinity of the hull that destroys algae and drastically reduces the marine growth rate, improving the performance of the vessel and drastically reducing the fuel consumption while also extending the haul out and repainting intervals.