HullSonic – Ultrasonic Antifouling Solution

Latest Generation of electronic antifouling technology. Developed over more than 10 years in research and development by Globatech Australia.

Up to 30% more output efficiency

Control Unit

hullsonic ultrasonic antifouling mgps system control module
The HullSonic incorporates our latest advancements in Ultrasonic Antifouling technology. With a self calibrating system including the !BLAST! function.
HullSonic has thousands of specific frequencies programmed in from over 10 years of development in the industry, developed to damage or destroy various algae and bio fouling organisms.
A advanced digital driver system operates precise frequencies thousands of times a second out to the HullSonic transducers. HullSonic is also protected by an internal fuse for added protection. No configuration or settings need to be adjusted as the HullSonic will automatically calibrate at regular intervals, set and forget technology and advanced algorithms built in.
HullSonic will always automatically optimise itself for maximum protection
Runs directly from your 12VDC battery source, no need to worry about power supplies. Let your boats already existing battery charge system take care of the rest.
Built in cooling and temperature monitoring and compensation drastically increases the life expectancy of the HullSonic
Multi coloured LED display outputs the current status of the system
Low battery voltage protection built in with automatic re-start when the voltage returns to normal.
Low power consumption, consumes ~250-300mA per transducer installed at 12VDC.The HullSonic System is designed and developed in Australia using quality components including gold plated circuit boards and quality components. It is also certified to FCC, RCM, C-Tick and CE and is fully independently tested be a NADA approved test agency for your added assurance.

Hullsonic Ultrasonic Transducer by Globatech Australia


Designed and engineered over many years of development the HullSonic Transducer and mounting footprint provides the ultimate transference of the ultrasonic energy for ultimate protection. The mounting footprint also enables very simple installation.
Transducers are encapsulated with advanced urethane resin within their pvc outer shell for added protection and resilience. PVC won’t corrode or degrade over time.
Low profile, the shortest available and the narrowest available transducer on the market allows installation in some of the tightest environments like on transom shields or under floors and engines.
IP68 transducer design.
Fixed cable design prevents unwanted damage to connectors. After years of development if was found the best way to prevent unwanted damage from mechanics or customers accidentally stepping on a transducer was the affix the cable directly and use a clever strengthening rubber sleeve on the transducer itself so no damage can occur.
The HullSonic transducers are developed specifically for Ultrasonic Antifouling and are the most effective transducers available.

2 Year Warranty

hullsonic 2 year warranty
The HullSonic ultrasonic antifouling system comes with an industry leading 2 year warranty. Unheard of in this price bracket. This unprecedented warranty is attributed to the high quality of Globatech Australia’s production. HullSonic is even produced on gold plated circuit boards to eliminate corrosion.
All HullSonic Ultrasonic Antifouling systems are produced in our advanced manufacturing laboratory in Australia and all warranty is dealt with in house for added assurance.

marine biofouling prevention with ultrasonic antifouling hullsonic20

Single Voltage Solution

To simplify installation and improve effectiveness the HullSonic accepts 12VDC. This means no expensive cabling or need for dual powering your system.
All boats have a battery charge solution already installed, so why pay for another!
The HullSonic will simply power directly from your vessel battery and instantly provide protection.