HULLSonic 2 Transducer System HS200

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HULLSonic 2 Transducer System HS200

Dual output Ultrasonic generator system with two transducer, suitable for motor and sailing yachts.

HULLSonic HS200 – 2 Channel

The Globatech Australia, HullSonic protection system utilises the best in digital electronics and Ultrasonic transducer technology. The HullSonic produces multiple bursts of ultrasonic energy in a wade range of pre programmed and specifically calculated frequencies through the HullSonic automatic calibration program. This ultrasonic energy produces a range of alternating microscopic positive and negative pressure areas.
The positive and negative pressure areas create microscopic bubbles called cavitation’s as the negative pressure implodes. The implosion creates a protection barrier where there is a cleaning effect while also destroying single cell organisms such as algae. This makes it nearly impossible for barnacles to surviveĀ as their food source is removed along with many other macro and micro fouling organisms.

Suitable for all types of hull materials except wood.

This kit includes;
1 x HS200 Control Module with 5m Power Cable
2 x HS-50 Transducer with 7m Cable
2 x Mounting Footprint
1 x Loctite 515
1 x JB-Weld
1 x Instruction Manual

Additional information

Product Code



Globatech Australia

Product Name



CE, FCC, C-tick

Input Voltage

12VDC (24VDC with Adapter)


~250mA p/Transducer. Total ~500mA (6-7Watts) @ 12VDC

Ultrasonic Module

1 piece


2 piece

Frequency Output

19 – 70kHz

Control Box Rating


Transducer Rating


Transducer Cable

1 x 5m Transducer Cable, 1 x 10m Transducer Cable

Package Weight



2 Years RTB